The Firehouse


The historic Engine House #12 building was origninal built in 1898 and stayed operating as a working firehouse into the 1930's with horse drawn fire teams. It was the second Firehouse at this location.

Its next purpose was being used as the Cultural Arts Center by the Parks & recreation department until the ealy 1970's 

In the 1980's Engine House #12 became the Columbus Music Hall and many updates and renovations were done to modernize yet keep some of the History intact. All the woodwork inside was remilled from original wood from the hayloft and stalls.

The first Firehouse on this location was a sigle bay firehouse less than have the size that hawas to small for the new steam pumpers. The original firehouse was the home of Columbus first all Black  Fire Brigade.




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Our Current plans are to do the minimal updates to reopen as an event venue with the goal of eventually being the home of our current restaurant Black Creek Bistro.